Best Casio Calculators 2021

4 Best Casio Calculators Buyer’s Guide 2021

Casio is a popular and well-known brand for the number of electronic products they manufacture. Today we are going to discuss some of the Best Casio Calculators 2021.

List of Best Casio Calculators 2021

The separate list of the Best Casio Calculators 2021 is plotted based on customers’ opinions and extraordinary product features.

  1. Casio FX 9860GII Graphing Calculator 
  2. The Casio FX-9750GII Graphing Calculator
  3. CASIO FX-CG10 Prizm Color Graphing Calculator
  4. Casio FX-CP400-L Graphing Calculator

Let’s explain the each product in detail. This will help you to choose the Best Casio Calculators 2021.

1- Our Top Pick Best Casio Calculators: Casio FX 9860GII Graphing Calculator

Casio FX 9860GII Graphing Calculator

The fx-9860GII is the freshest version, having appeared in 2009. The backlit display is really intuitive and the USB port for downloading apps and upgrading operating system (accessible free on the Casio Education webpage). A version with SD card additionally exists. FX-9860GII is one the Best Casio Calculators.

Casio is advertising itself as budget friendly, most likely basically in reference to the present calculator lord of the hill, Texas Instrument. I was intrigued to perceive how this less expensive gadget would stack up against the well known TI-84+ and TI-Nspire. I found was that the gadget contends all around construct in light of cost as well as simplicity and highlights. It has lower learning curve as compared to other rivals.

Whom This Casio 9860GII is Designed For?

It is simple to use and design for those who don’t want to spend much of their time in learning how to use a graphing calculator. The vast majority of the function on the fx-9860GII are clear as crystal and won’t require much time in the owner’s manual.

User Interface

By pressing menu button you jump to home screen that usually shows the graphical display of all abilities of a calculator such as graphing, equation, tables and matrices etc. You could spend much of your time in investigating all of it features in menu. Pressing menu takes you to a home screen that reveals a graphical display of all of calculator’s abilities (graphing, equation solver, tables, conics, etc.). You could spend a lot of time searching for these features within the menu systems of competing products. The button layout is logical and easy to learn. It’s also fabulous that this 9860GII simplifies square roots and plot graphs easily as compared to those TI-84+. No “left bound, right bound” decisions necessary, and you can have the calculator find points by x or y.

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Budget Friendly

This fx-9860GII is budget friendly Unless you can locate an amazing deal, the practically identical Texas Instruments graphing tool will be at any rate $20 all the more, potentially fundamentally more, however it is certainly less expensive than most. Casio additionally has an exchange program for schools if you are a school buyer and choose to change to an alternate model at a later date.


Another feature that is truly unique is back-lighting. Lot of different brands are available in market and many of them don’t have this feature. And keeping in mind that it’s impossible numerous students will sneak it under the spreads to work only a couple of more issues before bed-time, there are a few classrooms that lit quite poorly and instructors that like to turn the light off for projector screen. I was really worried from the press pictures that I was worried that the back light may be excessively strong.

This Casio fx-9860GII is truly a multi-purpose and a best graphing calculator in much affordable price It’s not as well known as the Texas Instrument forms and may even present a few issues throughout adapting, be that as it may, when this is absolutely defeated this gadget will profit you suitably.

  • It save same processing power like TI-84
  • USB slot enables it to link with other system
  • Pre-loaded with many useful application
  • Exceptionally good for solving complex problems
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Budget friendly among all the calculators available
  • Menu could be confusing sometimes
  • Aren’t known as Texas instruments

2- Top Rated & Best Casio Calculators: Casio FX-9750GII Graphing Calculator

Casio FX-9750GII Graphing Calculator

The Casio is well known company due to its excellent and budget friendly graphing calculators. The 2009 arrival of the 9750GII presented USB, making it much easier to upgrade operating system and upgrade apps. The common comparison is the 9750GII versus the 9860GII, its all the more capable (and more costly) elder brother. In my current review of the 9860GII, I observed it to be an incredible gadget. Next, I turned my focus to review the 9750GII. This Calculator is one of the Best Casio Calculators.

Casio manufacture easy to use and affordable calculators as compared to their rivals and that turn true once again. At first look, the 9750GII seems to be only a smaller version of the 9860GII. Upon closer review I found some other significant differences among them.

Why FX-9750 GII Graphing calculator?

This fx-9750 GII is designed for those who are looking for a cheaper calculator and trying to save money. This graphing calculator is less expensive new than most well known graphing calculator cost used, and you’re not gonna find numerous different alternatives of this quality at that cost.

Dominating Features

The menu design and button layout is just like 9860 GII, and the something worth being thankful for. You’ll discover pretty much the majority of the critical features of the calculator on the primary menu. The buttons are laid out in an extremely logical way. Greater isn’t generally better, especially when you’re discussing something else to haul around in your backpack that is already packed brimming with books. This is the most compact sized calculator available in market. Buttons are decent in size and well arranged, the screen is large enough to see clearly.


Due to cheap price, the screen on the Casio fx-9750GII is nothing unique. You’ll get a normal resolution non-lit LCD screen. It’s much similar to the screen on the first TI-84 Plus. In the ordinary calculations screen you can fit 21 characters over and 7 rows down.

Since it has a low resolution your graph won’t look as lovely and few menus will have condensed words. It certainly doesn’t make the calculator unusable however. It likewise has the upside of having the ability to graph lines very quickly because it doesn’t have to draw many pixels. The fx-9750GII graph lines about twice as quick as the TI-84 Plus CE.


This Casio fx-9750GII comes with very outstanding programming interface among the most graphing calculators. Just like Texas Instruments the Casio uses a BASIC programming language version. If you are familiar with BASIC than programming this one won’t be too difficult to figure out how to do.  

You can access the all programs through the small mini-menu. The small bottom section on the screen only uses 8 pixels of screen. You make your choices using one of the 6 corresponding “F” keys.

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This calculator is quite affordable in price. However, it doesn’t as much performance as other calculator available. Students who are taking basic mathematics this gadget is perfect. You cannot use it in advance mathematics or in the workplace. Take a close look on feature if you think this calculator is perfect for you!

Scrolling in 9th app by pressing the menu button you can get the programming interface. From inside the application, you will see a list of every one of your projects. You can without much of a stretch run or alter with just one button click

  • Fully equipped with top features
  • Most attractive and intuitive software design
  • It has classy look
  • Quicker in operation
  • Low resolution screen
  • Doesn’t support text book input/output

3- Best Casio Graphing Calculators: Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM Color Graphing Calculator

Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM Color Graphing Calculator

This Casio fx-CG10 PRIZM color Best Casio Graphing Calculator has an amazing technology. It truly can hang with few of the best that Texas Instruments brings to the offer, and the cost is surely comfortable $100.

Color Graphing Calculator

This was not the first graphing calculator, when it was release. It has much more offer as compared to the previous calculator. The PRIZM have excellent capabilities in term of resolution, colors range and also the display of photograph have change the whole game, beating Texas Instruments into the color calculator market by an entire a half year. With the huge fame of high resolution iPods and comparative gadgets that have a comparable cost to graphing calculators, you do need to ask why it took so long for somebody to try this.

The screen has a resolution of 384 x 216, have more than 65,000 colors and back light. The Casio was the company that came out with first graphing calculator

PRIZM fx-CG10 Designed For?

This is a handy all-purpose color calculator, designed for all those students who subjects from basic math to calculus. This device is quite simple to operate and doesn’t require learning much syntax, it give a lot comfort while used by beginner.


This PRIZM does not have CAS capabilities.. Without the computer algebra system it cannot manipulate the variables. That might be bad thing for calculus students. But the fact is being a non-CAS it is legal for standardize tests such as ACT, AP and SAT. That should be good for those high school or college math department that accepts graphing calculator.

Operating System and Pre-loaded Apps

Performance is more essential. This Casio PRIZM has the same operating system as Casio fx-9860GII which means that it comes number of useful pre-loaded apps, such as financial math, dynamic geometry, recursive function, conic graph and spreadsheet, every one of them showed with a level of detail and refinement impossible on the fx-9860GII’s lower res black and white display.

Extra applications can be transferred to the calculator through the little USB association that permits the Prizm to interface with PC and makes ready for future operating system updates. That have turned out to be ordinary with graphing calculator. This intuitive and easy to use operating system is good for both teachers and students; there is no need to learn lot of syntax. Nearly everything is done with symbols, same like “Pretty Print” in textbook. Mean the integral, summation and fraction looks like same as textbook.

Picture Plot

This Casio has the picture plot feature. The color display ability is excellent just like a good non-Smartphone. Don’t confuse yourself by comparing this device with Smartphone. It is much better than the previous black and white calculator.


  • 7 Inch screen
  • 16 MB storage capacity
  • Four AAA basic batteries
  • Full color LCD

This is an amazing device with magnificent display. It is cheaper than the other graphing calculator. It comes with number of pre loaded apps which makes it reliable and helps to do much complex calculations with ease.

  • Fantastic high resolution screen
  • Powerful processor
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good for complex calculation
  • Have ability to create graph by infusing real pictures
  • Key could be improved more
  • Limited functions for Algebra and Geometry

4- Editor Choice: Casio FX-CP400-L Graphing Calculator

Casio FX-CP400-L Graphing Calculator

The Casio fx-CP400 is an upgraded version of Classpad 330. It has color , backlit screen rather than the previous monochrome screen. The characters and graphs are excellent. Classpad has CAS as well.


The colorful font is appropriate and the keys are responsive as well. Casio could have made the Shift cyan rather than navy blue. I would not have mind the keyboard having the essential logical functions on it (sin, cos, tan, e^x, ln, and so forth.). Obviously, you will utilize the virtual keyboard much. Gratefully, the virtual keyboard is greater and considerably simpler to use than the 330.

There are two parts to the manual: the main manual and examples manual. I found this example menu helpful after playing with this manual for a short time.


What impresses about the Classpad is that you can choose equations by the stylus. You can execute algebra and CAS functions, drag them to the graph screen, and drag them to the graph database. All the factors are general and appear coordinated. At any rate preferable incorporated over the other Casio charting calculators. Features include spreadsheets, which appears to work extremely well, sequence plotting, differential equation plotting, and financial calculations.

FX-CP400 Designed For?

This is an excellent powerful handheld device for any engineering, science and mathematics student.  The Casio FX-CP400-L Graphing Calculator is a great new participant in a field that additionally incorporates commendable contenders from Texas Instruments and HP.

The calculator likewise gives the absolute most capable graphing functionalities for a wide class of conditions in engineering, science and mathematics – including Calculus, geometry, algebra and statistics. It has spreadsheet functionality which makes this calculator considerable for differential equations and financial application.

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This Casio fx-CP400 accompanies the most attractive feature than any other graphing calculator. It has 4.8 inch LCD screen with touch panel and able to display more than 65,000 colors. This calculator is the first color calculator of Classpad series. Large screen give crystal clear screen, and also enables you to see the picture and graph side by side. You can also switch the screen from vertical to horizontal, making it easy to view large formulas.

The Casio FX-CP400-L Graphing Calculator comes with classy black finish, has been a customer most loved ever since it was presented in 2013. The large screen has a competitive differentiation – to the point where teachers will see that you are working with it. All things considered, the intense graphing ability, joined with intuitive UI, makes this make this calculator excellent among the most available in market.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Screen can switch form vertical to horizontal
  • Software keyboard offer 3 different level proficiency for both basic and advance user
  • 4.8 inch large screen size
  • Stylus enable user to drag and drop into graph area and work with equation easily and quickly
  • Graphing ability make graphing for complex equations easily
  • Processing could be more faster

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