Best HP Calculators

Best HP Calculators

Hewlett-Packard is one of the well-known tech companies making affordable electronic products since 1939. HP is popular due to the manufacturing of desktops, printers and laptops. But they do make small electronic products and calculators are one of them. They have been making calculators for students and professionals from a long time. Read these Best HP Calculator 2021 Reviews to get the best one for you.

List of Best HP Calculators 2021 Reviews

The separate list of the Best HP Calculators 2021 Reviews is plotted based on customers’ opinions and extraordinary product features.

  1. HP 50g Graphing Calculator
  2. HP Prime Graphing Calculator

Let’s explain the each product in detail. This will help you to choose the Best HP Calculators 2021 Reviews.

1- Our Top Pick Calculator: HP 50g Graphing Calculator

HP 50g Graphing Calculator

This HP 50g Graphing calculator is suitable for engineering, mathematics, and science students. It has 512 Kb RAM and 2 MB Flash ROM It additionally offers a SD card reader with formatting feature. The high contrast very large display offers decent workspace.

This calculator is CAS enabled and also features “HP solve” programming structure. With SD card reader transfer of equations and applications is pretty simple.

Whom this HP 50 G is designed for?

No doubt this HP 50g is truly a beast. This is designed for science and mathematics students, It offers number of program and can easily solve complex calculations. It additionally makes it conceivable to correct mistakes via consequently identifying them. We like the way that it has a memory card card slot which enhances its memory and capacity. It offers USB connectivity and incorporates courses with problem solving examples.

Product Specifications

The HP 50 G is an excellent tool that provides flexibility for college and high school student. The 2-D and 3-D graphing ability, editable input and output and total memory of 2.5 MB (1.13 MB is free for user) makes it optimal.

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Design and Dimensions

It has compact design (18.4 x 8.8 x 2.5 cm) and lightweight (only 195 grams) and can be carried anywhere without much of stretch where you need this calculator for important calculations. It strong built with resistant material and has black colour.

The 131 x 80 pixel LCD give crystal clear display and enable you to track your results very precisely.

Interface and Data Entry

Its Keyboard setup comprises of 9 lines of 33 characters, two lines in the header, in addition to a menu line; Due to this, you can deal with it effortlessly, by acing every one of the instruction that the manual brings and by learning mathematics basics.

In this graphic calculator majority features are handheld. It manages the 2300 equations and function library with just 18 applications. 10 devoted to numerical issues, 3 for exceptional solutions, 3 work scanners, a spreadsheet and an application that records the information transmitted from an outer sensor to the calculator, everything to encourage the experience of usage and treatment of information and different scientific operations and other various types.

Generally, applications have three structures: symbolic design and numerical. Data should be possible utilizing reverse Polish notation, mathematically, by the PC system or utilizing a reading material.


Incorporates 4 AAA batteries, USB cable, installation CD, cover for bump and fall protection, supports a memory limit of 2GB, and incorporates an ARM9 processor 75MHz with which you can audit all the computation forms you have done.

SD Card Slot

This device comes with an SD card slot which enables you to review and solve particular equations, which helps to remember the functions. This is suitable for both students and professionals.

This calculator is one of the versatile calculate till now from HP. Have used widely by the teachers, professionals and students around the world. It includes number of great features which makes it a best of it’s kind. A backlight system to view screen is the dark could have been an advantage along with its perfect design.

  • SD card slot
  • Total memory of 2.5 MB
  • Excellent for 2-D and 3-D graphing
  • CAS enabled
  • Customizable and programmable
  • Enter key should be larger
  • Some functions could be accessible through single key rather than pressing multiple keys

2- Best HP Calculators: HP Prime Graphing Calculator

HP Prime Graphing Calculator

The HP Prime is the most fit calculator from HP that is permitted on most standardized tests. It’s likewise an immediate contender with the TI-Nspire CX CAS. Most people are familiar with the Nspire calculator. The Prime should not ignored. There are numerous things it improves the situation than the Nspire. Our most loved thing about the HP Prime is that it is the most simpler to use. It carries on much like a typical graphing calculator yet stuffed with significantly more power and abilities. This calculator is one of the Best HP Calculators to use.

The HP Prime has the most recent and most prominent calculator features, being a CAS enabled device this will allow you to solve those complex mathematical operations that not only contain numbers but variables. So your adding machine will have the capacity to finish tasks easily like simplifying and solving algebraic equation.


This HP Prime has multi-touch high resolution display. The touch screen may appear somewhat like a trick, yet it truly adds usefulness, and makes the calculator substantially simpler to use. Obviously you’ll get the basic graphing function, such as graphing, matrices and fraction templates. Yet, keep reading this we’ll tell you all features of this tool.

User Interface

It will automatically show you home screen when you turn on the calculator. There are two primary screens that can be accessible by just one button press. The button on the left takes you to the home screen, the screen the calculator awakens to. Furthermore, the button on the right will take you to the CAS computation screen. The CAS count screen is much the same as the home screen, just you will utilize the CAS.

Press the Help button if want any help. This screen is quite helpful and gives you lot of tips to use this calculator. For the sake of convenience you can tap the TREE button while scrolling on help page, this TREE button shows tree like arrangement and enables you to access different help pages.

Computer Algebra System

The CAS function gives you access to many features on the calculator. The CAS gives you a chance to do things like figuring polynomials and expanding variable expression. What’s more, recall you won’t simply be finding a decimal solution you will find a exact number solution. This implies that you can get answer in fractional and radical form.


The Prime has a lot of applications that will definitely help you in a math to class, science and engineering. There are 4 diverse applications for graphing, and different applications for information storage and collection. You can likewise make spreadsheets and graphs for you inputs. The applications are really simple to utilize however there is dependably the Prime’s Built-in help framework.

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Touch Screen

The touch screen on the Prime is shockingly responsive and has great multi-touch functionality. For graphing this touch screen is awesome. You can simply pan around the graph with your finger; another excellent functionality is that it let you zoom in the graph for better understanding.

The HP Prime Graphing Calculator performs well for professionals, teachers and students. This excellent graphing calculator has new levels for competitors and similar devices. It offers a multi-touch screen which makes it easy to use. The intuitive interface helps students use this calculator easily saving time in adjust fonts and formats. In addition it offers multiple features and many advantages to the users for an affordable price tag. It does lack few features but doesn’t compromise on the productivity and necessary operations.

  • Durable hardware
  • Long battery life
  • Responsive touch screen interface
  • Excellent for graphing
  • CAS enabled and perform operation on variables
  • Easy and quick navigation on spreadsheet
  • Many useful pre-loaded apps
  • Doesn’t support 3-D graphing
  • Doesn’t support picture graphing
  • Geometric interface must be more intuitive

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