Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List

Best Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List & Characters List 2021

It’s a fantasy tactical fighting game developed by an intelligent system. Role-playing game published by Nintendo. The first version of this game was developed for family computers and also published for family computer games. It’s a video game specially designed for PS4 game players in which tactical movement of characters across grid-based environments. 

Many modes of this game include classic or casual mode. In classic mode characters permanently die. But if you want to play a game in casual mode, in which you save your fallen character for the next battle.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List
Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List

🌟Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List

Fire emblem three houses, you have a chance to recruit your character in-game or in some cases you have an opportunity to recruit. In your team, you have to add at least 10 best characters, 12 maximum limits with 3 assistants. No rule to enter everyone on the battlefield.

🌟Fire Emblem Three Houses Lost Items

In Fire Emblem three houses, when a player or characters spend lots of time on the battlefield or spend lots of time being a social butterfly. Characters feel isolation on the battlefield, so build your relationship by finding lost items that scattered around the monastery. After finding lost items, you have to return back to their rightful owners. 

You have to find an exploration stage to find lost items. When you have free time and walk around the monastery. Lost items appear as blue dots and glowing blue loot items when you walk around the monastery. Lost items are easy to find as compared to hidden items.

🌟Fire Emblem Ashen Wolves

To inhabit Abyss a group used called Ashen Wolves. Group roles are very critical in Cindered Shadows. Group shows a DLC side story in a fire emblem game. There is no existence and public official record. The Ashen Wolve group works with Rhea to create a pseudo-house. This leads to the creation of four houses.

🌟Fire Emblem Black Knight

The black knight is a recurring character in Fire Emblem’s three houses. Black Knight is a special character with a special sword and wears armor blessed by the Goddess named Ashera. The Black knights have a special power to kill enemies and not be affected by ordinary weapons. Black knights wear famous armor to disguise any fact. 

🌟Fire Emblem Characters in Smash

From the past four games, Characters in smash bros ultimately contain every single character. Smash Bros.Ultimate contains six characters. Six characters include Marth, Roy, Robin, Ike, Lucina, and Corrin. In Smash Bros ultimate, Corrin makes his pair with Clone of Roy, and Byleth characters of this game make playable debut with downloadable fighters. Black knight makes new assist trophies.

🌟Fire Emblem Conquest

Fire Emblem Conquest or Birthright as a physical release, and Revelation as downloadable content. Fire Emblem conquest or fates was released in three versions. Each version consists of a different storyline that centered on the same characters. It’s a fourteenth game in the Fire Emblem series. Fire Emblem three houses released in June 2015.

🌟Fire Emblem Three Houses Combat Arts

Combat arts of Fire Emblem three houses can be increased, when you increase your weapon skills level. The Combat art concerns weapons, once a player learns combat art, they easily increase their weapon skills level. Combat art learned by using some specific weapons. Weapons just like shields for covering or rings for a medic. Combat art increases character range or kills enemy power. Combat art also deals more damage

🌟Healing Focus Three Houses

Combat art used Japanese people for fighting called the healing focus. Healing focus combat art used in Fire Emblem fantasy games. Raising their skill level by using healing focus and brawling with another B party. Healing focus basically is a non-offensive combat art. Healing focus in Fire emblem game used with any weapon equipped.

👍Best Fire Emblem Games Ranked

🌟Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening was the first version of this game that was released on a handheld system. Fire Emblem Awakening’s first original title takes place in the Universe such as Mystery of Fire Emblem, Shadow of Valentia, Fire Emblem Awakening holds a story of lord characters. In Fire Emblem Awakening, Chrom and his personal army play a special role as a tactician and work with the hero prince.

🌟Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem three house is the most installation series of the Fire Emblem series. Fire Emblem Three households the title of high-rated switch exclusives. Three houses of Fire Emblem consists of both school setting and time management. Fire Emblem Three house is a simple version or criticized if compared to earlier games. But the simplicity of this series makes it better as compared to other series.

🌟Fire Emblem Fates

FIre Emblem Fates is the third rank version of this game. This series was released as two separate games. Birthright and Fire Emblem fates. Fire Emblem or Revelation of this game expands on the base story. Birthright part of this game offers one side of the narrative. Fire Emblem conquest supplies the others.

🌟Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade is the fourth series of this game that is superb and surprised by the western popularity of most famous characters including both Marth and Roy in Smash Bros. The seventh most installment series was released in 2003 western markets.

🌟Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

After the fire emblem three house series, path radiance series was met with highly positive reviews. Ike is the favorite character of this series who fight with the lost Crimean Princess. The radiant dawn of this series acts as a sequel path of radiance. Players and characters of this game or series save and port their data.

🌟Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones

The second stone series of Fire Emblem game was the second main series title that was released in the west. The Awakening series holds handheld systems, the same as the Sacred stones series, also the last original title that was released on handheld systems. Lords Eirika and Ephraim are the best characters of this series who defeat Grado. 

🌟Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon

Fire emblem shadow dragon series is the first fire emblem game with a full remake. Shadow dragon and Blazing blade released on the Famicom that was a Japanese exclusive. Maarten of the shadow dragon is the main protagonist. In this series, first-time players chose blue lions characters or heroes outside smash bros appearance.

🌟Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia

It’s the three full remakes of earlier games. Fire emblem shadow of valentia series is the second-highest installment overall series. Western players install localized versions of Fire Emblem Gaiden. Alm and Celcia are the best characters of this game that efforts to end the brutal war between the two countries.

🌟Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

The Radiant Dawn series of Fire Emblem games as compared to other series did not perform well and there installment users also less as compared to other series. After a path of radiance, players move through a four-part story.

⭐️Fire emblem three houses tier list maker

Compiled a shortlist of the best students you want to recruit and then use. it’s depending upon your personal preferences. After the compiled list you can play with whoever you want.

👍Fire Emblem Tier List Maker Three Houses

Some following instruction you used to create a suitable fire emblem list maker three houses:

🌟Fire emblem: Three Houses Abilities Tier List

  • You have to edit label text in each row
  • Used image to drag onto order you would like 
  • After it clicks on the save/Download button. When saving complete add title and description.
  • In last share your title list

⭐️Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List Maker

Same process to develop fire emblem heroes tier list maker:

  • You must edit label text of each row
  • Used image of hero and drag onto order you would like
  • Now save and download
  • Now add title and description
  • Share your fire emblem heroes Tier list

🌟Fire Emblem: Three Houses Abilities Tier List

There are 40job classes and 24 best students having their own special abilities in the Fire Emblem three house. Blue lions characters, Golden deer, Black eagles characters are the most powerful and high skills to dismiss an enemy in a few seconds. They have abilities or skills such as Swords, Medic power, Apex, Spells, Bows and furthermore skills.

🌟Fire Emblem: Three Houses Skill Levels:

Skills RankReward Unlock
AWindsweep Combat Art 
A+Sword Prowess,Crit Avo+10 to unlock
B+Sword Prowess,used Crit Avo+8
SSword, used ctrl+10 to unlock
CCombat art

👍Fire Emblem Tier List Templates

Over 20 Fire Emblem templates available are:

⭐️Template Tier List Names

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🌟Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows Valentia

Used following link for more list about Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows for Valentia are:

Used link to find more playable characters for fighting

Here is Wikipedia List of Characters in Fire Emblem

🌟FEH Husbando tier Tier List Maker for Fire Emblem Game

For images used link below:

Check Here

🌟FEH Girls Tier Tier List Maker

Fire emblem heroes game is freely played on mobile or computer. For more FEH girls tier list maker used following link below:

For More Images:

You Can Check here

🌟Fire Emblem Three Houses 1.3 Tier List Maker

Best fire Emblem 1.3 tier list maker three houses can be developed by using the link below

For more playable characters used link below:

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🌟Fire Emblem: Awakening Characters Tier List Maker

Used some following instructions also for creating Awakening tier list maker: 

  • Edit label text for each row used in Fire Emblem game
  • Drag the images of Awakening characters
  • Now save and download 
  • Give a title for the list
  • Share tie list

🌟Presidents Tier List Maker

For more images about president tier list maker

⭐️Some steps to make president tier list maker

  • Edit label text and used for each row
  • Drag images of president onto the list 
  • Save the list and add title
  • Share your tier list

🌟Smash tier list maker Ultimate Tier List Maker

Used link for more images:

⭐️Used steps to create smash ultimate Tier list maker

  • Use label text for each row
  • Used images and drag onto a list you would like
  • Now save and download file
  • Add title or description
  • Share your tier list

👍Some other Smash tier list having the same procedure to make

  • smash tier list maker ultimate
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⭐️Fire Emblem Character Tier List Maker

To make tier list for Fire Emblem three house, use some steps 

  1. Use label text for each row
  2. Used images of character and drag onto a list you would like
  3. Now save and download 
  4. After saving give the title of the list
  5. In end share tier list

👍Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Characters

🌟Fire Emblem: three houses, how many chapters or characters?

Best ten characters of Fire Emblem three houses are:


Bernadette is the best-hidden gem or character of this fighting game among Black Eagles. Shy demeanor or outright fear, Bernadetta is the best gem of social interaction. Bernadetta will deal with attacks and damage to more than 5 enemies. Bernadetta has the ability to kill an enemy or if she is not at full health. Bernadette shows her best abilities in critical situations.


One of the best characters in blue lions is Sylvain. Sylvain has the ability to recruit characters in the entire game. The easiest character of this game and has good qualities in case of flirtatiousness to other female characters. The best qualities of Sylvain characters are that they are gifted with lance, ax or riding. Sylvain best in Womaniser and damage more than 2 enemies, if next to a female ally. If all players are male in-game then Sylvain should focus on Charisma and Reason.


Lorenz is the best character and has the best abilities for those players who want to hear people go on and about “Nobleman’s “ duty. The Lorenz is the best one for the first few hours of the game. Lorenz has magic or riding skills abilities and has a peculiar attitude. His abilities work very well in the Dark knight in the endgame.


Petra recruits characters and is very famous in black eagles. The Petra has the ability to get Brigid to cooperate with the Empire. Petra is the granddaughter of Brigid and has the best abilities to hold prisoners in Fodlan. The Petra skills Hunters Boon. Petra kills more than 20 characters when they show 50% below health. Petra’s best ability to dismiss the weakened enemy and clear battlefield.


Leonie is a powerful female character on the battlefield. Leonie’s best skills are bows, lance and riding skills. Another best skill of Leonie is Rivalry that used to damage more than 2 characters’ enemies and also damaged +2 reduction when next to a male ally. Sylvain skills and Leonie skills make the best pair on the battlefield. If a player wants to recruit Leonie back into the battlefield so you would need to check the strength and lance of his characters.


Ingrid is a female character and shows the best female companions in the Blue Lions. The Ingrid has abilities and shows great aspirations to become a great knight on the battlefield. Ingrid skills become the best soldier’s skills on the battlefield to kill enemies. Ingrid skills can be fit and great for any rule. Her skills are lady knight, grants Ingrid, +3 Might and +5 damage.


Shamir is the best female character and famous between those few characters who work for the Church of Spiros. Shamir’s abilities to recruit Byleths house. Shamir skills best sniper and an excellent marksman. Shamir is one of the best long-range combat and archers in the game.


Mercedes is the best female character in Blue Lions and shows the best skills on the battlefield. The Mercedes skills are the best powerhouse medic skill that every player wants and requirements on the battlefield. Mercedes makes a superb Bishop of Gremory. If players want to recruit Mercedes back into the battlefield, so they require strong magic and lance to recruit.


Felix is the best male character and has the best soldier character skills. If the player wants to kill enemies quickly, then the player requires Felix skills. Felix swordsman skills are very dangerous for other characters that stand in his way. Best skills are Dexterity, speed that allows Felix to dismiss any character quickly. If a player wants to recruit Felix back into the game, so the player requires more speed and sword.


Lysithea is the best female character on the battlefield and that famous due to his best Powerhouse Reason. The Lysithea shows superb best term of late-game power. Lysithea is the mastermind female character of this game. Lysithea skills powerhouse reason, Perfect Gremory, Double experience skills from Combat.

🌟How many chapters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

In the fire emblem three houses, chapters depend upon routes. Most preferable characters include Golden deer characters, Blue lions or Black eagles characters having main routes that offer 22 chapters.

👍Fire Emblem: Three houses how Many Chapters in Blue Lions?

🌟22 chapters in blue lions are

Three to four main routes of this game on the battlefield. These main routes are blue lions, golden deer, Black eagles, and others have the same 22 chapters. 

🌟Most famous Blue Lions Characters are

Blue lions character nameCharacters strengthCharacter weakness
DimitriSword ,MagicAxex, Spells
DedueSword ,Unarmed knightFlying, Spells 
AnnetteAxex,SpellsBows, Knight
AsheAxes, BowsSpells
FelixswordsmanSpells, Flying

🌟How many chapters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses Golden Deer

22 chapters mostly used in Golden deer. Three houses golden deer in fire emblem depends upon main routes. The main route of Golden dee offers 22 chapters in total.

⭐️Most famous Golden Deer Characters are

  • Claude
  • Leonie
  • Ignatz
  • Hilda
  • Lysithea
  • Lorenz
  • Raphael

⭐️Black Eagles Characters

  • Edelgard
  • Bernadetta
  • Caspar
  • Dorothea
  • Ferdinand
  • Hubert
  • Linhardt

🌟Fire Emblem: Three Houses Secret Route

The secret route in the fire emblem three house game is the four route. But in the game basically three main routes with 22 chapters used. The Four secret routes are available for those players who fulfilled selecting criteria in the first option. The time required for selecting or fulfilling whole criteria and if you succeed to complete whole criteria within time, then you have a chance to select a secret route. Each route of this game follows a specific house.

🌟Fire Emblem: Three Houses Church Route

⭐️The Church Route

The superb interesting route has the most unique ending. This route you can use during the game if characters are connected with Rhea and the rest of the church staff. Although the whole route is certainly informative. You access this route if you are playing with the black eagle’s route. But you have to be sure that Rhea towards the end of part one. Church route includes both church staff and black eagles students.

Black eagles students fight for their homeland, and church staff is worried about Rhea. Two parts of the church route and the second part of the church in which you fight against all three nations of Foodland.

🌟Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard Route Split

 Edelgard Hidden four story route is really easy to select.

👍Some steps to reach Edelgard story route

  • You used this route when you reach Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem three house
  • Choose Monastery to explore
  • After choosing to go and speak to Edelgard
  • Edelgard in the Monastery entrance hall
  • Join imperial capital with Edelgard or leave her
  • So you reach and found hidden four-story Edelgard route

🌟Fire Emblem: Three Houses Silver Snow

The Twelfth chapter of the fire emblem three house marks the beginning of the silver snow story. Players of this game at this chapter who chose black eagles to lead enjoy the silver snow story. After rejecting Edelgard to join her path of conquest. Byleth takes over command and stays by the side of Rhea and church staff. Byleth prepares defense and drives them back.

🌟Fire Emblem Three Houses Silver Snow Characters

👍Some most famous characters of snow story are

  • Byleth 
  • Sothis
  • Yuri
  • Balthus
  • Constance
  • Rhea 
  • Manuela
Fire Emblem Three Houses

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