How to Put the Computer to Sleep With Keyboard

How to Put the Computer to Sleep With Keyboard?

Computer the symbol of innovation and success in the present time. Computers have revolutionized the world with great specs, but it has also changed the decade-old trends. The Computer is playing an admiring role in society. So, with such excellent pros knowing Computer is essential. Question arises here is How to Put the Computer to Sleep with Keyboard? Not all learn the Computer so quickly the old generation who were not aware of such technology still finds the Computer harder to understand and implement Computer in their lives to make something out of it.

Different Ways for Computer to Put on Sleep with Keyboard

The Computer has an immense role in every department of a state. From traditional schools to secure military databases, everything is done and stored in computers. Therefore knowing computers its shortcuts can help you in finding easy jobs. So, today we will help you to How to Put the Computer to Sleep with Keyboard? It is one of the crucial shortcuts in learning how to use the Computer? It would be best if you knew these shortcuts; they can solve complex queries quite quickly. However, to put the Computer on Sleep using a keyboard, there are specific methods.

Computer to Sleep With Keyboard

Method 1 for Computer to Sleep with Keyboard

This method includes a power user menu shortcut. It is not just a keyboard method; it’s a sequence of keys. First of all, press Win + X to open the power user menu. You will observe some underline characters in the menu corresponding to the shortcut keys. Then press U and use one of the following shortcut keys;

  • To Shut down windows, press U again.
  • Press the R key to restart.
  • Press the S key to put windows on Sleep
  • Use H key to Hibernate
  • Press I to sign out
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Method 2 to Put Computer on Sleep with Keyboard

This is interesting and the most reliable shortcut of sleeping the window. In this method, you will have to create a shortcut for Sleep in windows. If there is no built-in shortcut, then this method helps you to make your shortcut.

How to Create a New Shortcut?

To create a new shortcut, click on the space on the desktop and then choose New> shortcut.

You’ll need to enter different text in the resulting box depending on whether you want a sleep shortcut key or one to shut down the Computer. Use the following:

  • To shut down Windows immediately and force-close any open programs
    • shutdown.exe -s -t 00 -f
  • To create a sleep windows shortcut
    • rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, Set Suspend State 0,1,0

Ensure that hibernation is enabled in the Computer; even then, this shortcut will work; after entering the command, click next and then click finish.

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Method 3

In this method, you need to press ALT + F4; you may already know that it can close the window. If you have not selected any window, then you can press ALT + F4 as a shortcut for Sleep in the window.

You can press Win + D to move to the desktop and to make sure whether an app is open or not. After that, press ALT + F4, and you will observe the window dialog box shutting down.

After that, select to shut down or sleep the system from the dropdown. Then press ENTER, and your action will be performed.

Assigning Keyboard Shortcut to Command

Once you got a shortcut now, you need to assign a combination of keys. For this, you need to right-click a new shortcut on the desktop and then choose properties. Select the shortcut tab and then enter the combination of keys you like.

Make sure that the combination you are making is not in use before on the keyboard. Also, make a combination that is not easy to hit accidentally as you will not want your system to shut down in the middle of the work.

Issues with Sleep Mode

There are specific issues that you can face while applying these shortcuts. Keep in mind these facts to deal with them properly;

  • Check your sleep mode setting if you are facing a problem in the sleeping window. The setting is available in the power option of the control panel.
  • You can disable the fast start-ups of the old Computer if you face any issue in sleeping mode. This setting is also available in the control panel power option and then change the currently unavailable setting, and then you will uncheck the fast start-up.
  • Update your drivers continuously if the issue continues. However, windows update can automatically update the drivers.
  •  You need to check for power requests if you still face issues.
  • Check for Last wake events in a routine manner.
  • The power plan set can be customized using the Run Trouble Shooter. Go to the setting and then click the update and security and then click Troubleshoot. Scroll down and select the power option to launch the Power troubleshooter.
  • Restart your pc after making changes if you face any issue in the sleep mode.
  • Please remove the battery and then put it in; this can also restore the power plan setting.
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Benefits of Sleep Mode

There are many benefits of sleep mode in computers; some of those are;

  1. Maintain the battery health of Laptop
  2. Maintain the health of the Computer.
  3. Let your PC work smoothly.
  4. Sleep mode is the best option for a short break.

FAQ’s Section

  1. How do I make my computer sleep using the keyboard?

    It's much simpler to let your computer go to sleep than to create a shortcut.: Press Windows key + X, followed by U, then S to sleep.

  2. Where is the sleep button on the Microsoft keyboard?

    You should see Power & Sleep on the left side of the window button.
    Click that, and under “Related settings,” go into Additional Power settings. You should see a classic Windows-style window.
    Named “Power Options.” On the left pane of the window, you should see “Choose what the power buttons do.


The Computer is playing an admiring role in society. With such excellent pros knowing Computer is essential. From regular schools to secure military databases, everything is done and stored in computers. Therefore learning computers and their shortcuts keys can help you in finding easy jobs. Hence today, we helped you with how to put Computer to sleep with keyboard? Hope so your queries have met a good solution.

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