Download Doodle Army2: Mini Militia Mod Unlimited Grenades APK

Mini Militia Mods Apk is a 2D game and Mini Militia is launched in 2017. This is a totally unique game as compared to other video games. This game is very famous around the globe and his popularity is increasing day by day. 500m people play this game daily from all over the world. If you play this game for the first time, I guarantee you would love it immediately and you would like to play it more and more. Mod Apk Mini Militia does not require high specs devices, that’s why you can say that Mini Militia is a lightweight game. This game runs smoothly on low resources devices that’s why it is very popular. 

🙅🏻‍♂️Mini Militia Doodle Army 2

mini militia mod apk
mini militia mod apk

Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia is a multiplayer game and you can play it online with other players. In Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia, the maximum of 6 players can play this game online and another function of this is that 12 people can play Mini Militia on Wifi. There are many different God Mods in Mini Militia which makes this game more interesting as compared to other games. It’s very difficult to find the right Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Mods Apk on the internet. But we can say this with pride that our website has a real version of Mini Militia 2 Doodle Army.

There are some difficulties when we play the real version of the Doodle Army. These restrictions or difficulties are in the shape of the limited stock of ammo, avatar, limited gun power, and limited nitro. Army Doodle is a very conceptual game. It requires a lot of intelligence. It’s not that easy to play. But we have a surprise for all our visitors. Today we introduced the real hack version of Mini Militia Mod APK 2020 on our website for our visitors. So, The real question is

🙅🏻‍♂️ What is Mini Militia Mod Apk?

The Mod of this game is the cracked version of mini militia. This mod is created with a purpose to provide all the unlock items to players without spending a penny and wasting their precious time. So you can get powerful guns, beautiful avatars, and amazing outfits. Some extra features are as follow:

  • You will get unlimited health. Then you can heal yourself at any moment and unlimited boosters.
  • You will get unlimited nitro. With the nitro, you can fly in the air for a long period of time.
  • All the powerful weapons will be unlocked for you.
  • You will get unlimited battle points.
  • You will become invisible to other players.

It has very unique weapons like Tavor and Uzi. These are very guns and deal lots of damage to enemies. But These are limited in their range and power. You need to upgrade these weapons if you want to utilize its full power. But in our mods, all these powerful guns with full upgrades are unlocked for free for players to use.

Mini Militia also has 3 types of crates. These crates are in the form of Black Op crate, Strike Crate, and Campaign Crate. These are the three crates in this game. You will get these crates for free if you use our mod. There are rare and epic guns and outfits are available in these crates. You can get all these epic guns and outfits for free. Rare items are also free to grab.

🙅🏻‍♂️Action of Game

Like all other games, the Mini Militia also starts from basic armaments. If you are a new player then you need a lot of practice to understand this game. You will start from level 1 and your level and skills gradually upgrade. You should have some tricks if you want to survive in this game. Then you should be able to encounter the enemy attack. You should have all the necessary tools if you want to win the game in Mini Militia.

If you do not use any hack in Mini Militia then you have to work very hard to increase your level, unlock powerful weapons, and unlock avatars. You need a proper plan if you are playing fair. If you are using our hack mods then you don’t need to worry about any things. All things will happen automatically and you will win all your matches without any planning and difficulties.

🙅🏻‍♂️Important Tips While Playing Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

There are some tips when you are playing this game. You need to remember all of these things in your mind because you need this information very badly while playing. This will help you a lot in future. Important tips are as follow:

  • You should know the war structure and routes of the map when you are fighting with your enemy.
  • You should have a fully upgraded and powerful weapon when you are fighting.
  • Should use trees and raw herbs as a cover and you can also use them as an attacking option as well.
  • You can attack your enemy while you are prone. The enemy will face some difficulties to find your exact location.
  • You should have a backup plan in case of danger. Then you should have two fully upgraded weapons and a maximum number of boosters to avoid such danger.
  • You should give proper time to your avatar to gain maximum power. For this purpose, you can hide your avatar for some time.
  • Gas bombs are very important. Make sure that you will use them properly. Take your time while playing. Do not rush blindly.

The Mod Militia Of Mini Militia has different Mod features and different set enhancements as compared to the original one. When you install this Apk Mod on your mobile device you can clearly see the difference in-game functionality. Your game will run smoothly and the graphics quality increases and you will begin to get battle points for free. You can collect 5000 battle points at one moment. When you achieve this milestone you can upgrade to Pro Pack Features which are more helpful in getting the battle points.

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🙅🏻‍♂️Pro Pack Features of Mini Militia APK Mod

⚡️Auto Aim 

This feature will aim directly on the enemy. You can easily control the gun recoil while using this mod. Every gunshot will have a strong effect on the enemy body. Not a single shot will be missed. Therefore, the auto-aim feature is very important to kill your enemy easily.

⚡️Unlocked Weapons 

You can clearly understand the working of this feature with his name. Now You do not need to complete daily missions to unlock weapons. You can use the Pro Pack feature to unlock unlimited weapons. Mini Militia has a lot of guns or weapons. You will not be able to unlock all the weapons if you are playing fair. Some powerful weapons are very difficult to unlock but if you are using this mod then you can easily unlock any weapon that you want. You can easily unlock any type of gun. All the epic and rare guns are available for you and you can use them at any time.

⚡️Ultra Speed Mod 

You will have 3 different speed variations and you can choose one of them according to the nature of your avatar. Your avatar will travel faster as compared to your enemy avatar. The enemy will be unable to hit you if you are moving fast. That is why it is a very useful feature to use. It has zero drawbacks as compared to other mods. So, you can use it without any hesitation.

⚡️Best Quality Weapons 

You will get the best weapons that you can use while playing. These weapons are so powerful and advanced with a high firing rate. You can use only one weapon in a single game when you are playing this game fair but if you are using this mod then you use two weapons. Guns will be very helpful and your enemy will get surprised if you are using two weapons against them. This will give you free access to the double weapons feature and will make things easier for you. You can easily unlock the pro-guns and use them.

⚡️Unlimited Jet-Pack

You will get unlimited boosters so you can fly for a long period of time.

⚡️Unlimited Ammo 

You will get the unlimited ammo for the gun. Your gun will reload automatically. There are a lot of benefits to this function. You can use only one gun during a full game. If you use a single gun you will know its strength and you will know how to use this gun. You can control its recoil easily. This will be very helpful. You need to choose the most powerful gun and start using it.

⚡️Unlimited Nitro

Nitro is a very important component. Nitro helps you while you are flying during the game. You will get a limited amount of nitro if you are playing this game fairly. If you are using this mod hack then you will get the unlimited nitro. You can fly for a long period of time. Now You can easily spot your enemies while you are flying. You will become undetectable. No one can find you. You will know the hidden features as well.

⚡️Mini Militia Wall Hack

When you use this Hack Mini Militia, you can fire through walls and you can easily fly through walls as well. You can pass through between the walls. You can kill any enemy without being noticed. If you are not using this hack then you will have difficulties in killing your enemy when they are behind any wall. You will not be able to kill your enemy while they are behind the wall because you can not shoot on them. That’s why wallhack is very important.  

⚡️Unlimited Battle Points 

You will get the unlimited battle point, so you can purchase anything from the shop. Battles are very helpful. It looks good to have unlimited battle points in your account.

⚡️Invisible Mod 

This feature will hide you from the enemy. The enemies will be unable to see you. You will become invisible to your enemies. No one can see you. You will become a ghost. Now You can see your enemies very clearly but your enemies are unable to see you. You can activate the Ghost mode while playing. You can easily unlock the pro pack.

⚡️Magic Zoom 7x 

You can zoom up to 7x while using any gun and you can use those guns as a sniper. You can easily see your enemy while you are far away from them and easily shoot on them and kill them. So, The magic zoom 7x is very useful and important.


There will be no gravity and you can easily float in the air because of zero gravity. You can easily fly for a long period of time.

⚡️Fixed Bug Mod 

Your game will become bug-free when you use this feature. This will remove all the bugs from the game.

These are some Pro Pack Features Mini Militia Hacks.

🙅🏻‍♂️What’s new?

  • The graphics quality increases. Visually looks good.
  • You will get the new system to unlock powerful weapons.
  • You can upgrade your weapons to the max level without any cost.
  • Now you can log in while using a Facebook account.
  • 3 new maps introduced for players.
  • Now you can create your own custom room and invite your friend by using room id.
  • It will become bug-free.
  • Disconnecting problem solved

🙅🏻‍♂️Important features of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia

⚡️Online Play

Mini Militia is a multiplayer online game. You can create your own team maximum of 6 members. It has automatic dual shooting controls which are very useful.  

⚡️Upgrade your Weapons

You can easily upgrade your weapons to max level. This will increase the range and power of the weapon.

⚡️Solo Modes

This feature is very interesting because now you can play Mini Militia while you are offline. New offline and training modes introduced for this purpose.


Now you can enjoy playing on 20 maps. All the maps are easily accessible to everyone and you can use any of them without any hesitation. If you are playing mini militia on one map then you will get bored of this game. Therefore, we have created the mod which unlocks all the 20 maps, so you can use anyone. If you are trying to unlock these maps without using any mod then it will take a lot of time and skill to unlock them.

⚡️Customized Avatar

Now you can make your own avatar. You can design your avatar according to your needs. You can easily change the face, body, and outfits of your avatar. 


The graphic quality will increase if you use our apk mod. Mini Militia is a 2D game. After using this hack it will work like a 3D. Things will be more clear to you. You can easily spot your enemy and you will enjoy it more while playing this game. 


The sound quality is also clear. You will be able to hear the clear sound while playing the game. You will hear the soothing sound of your enemy very clearly. If you use our hack then you will have full access to support the sound system. 

⚡️Better Shooting Experience 

If you use this hack, the shooting from your character will improve immensely. Your character will fire automatically towards your enemy and kill them very easily. There will be no lag while playing it. Your enemy will die on one shot from you.

⚡️Indefinite Appearance

Now you are able to change the role of character very easily. You can easily change your guns and character during combat.

⚡️Indefinite Health

You will become an immortal because no one will be able to kill you or knock you out. Your health will not be reduced. Your health will remain full during combat. This feature is very underrated. But it is very helpful and important. There is one loss of this feature. Your enemy will know that you are using unlimited health mode. This may cause you a problem because the enemy can report your id. So be careful when you’re using this mod.

⚡️Intuitive Ability

Your sense of humor will increase because it will give you some tips and tricks during the fight. These tips and tricks will be very useful for you to increase your sense of humor.

🙅🏻‍♂️How to Install Mini Militia APK Mod Hack?

There are certain ways to install the Mini Militia Mod. You just need to follow them to install the Mini Militia Moded. Some important points are as follow:

  • First of all, you need to uninstall the real Mini Militia.
  • Then you need Mini Militia Mod APK Download from our website.
  • After downloading, you need to click on the install button. It requires the unknown source’s permission from the setting.
  • Go to settings and enable the unknown sources’ permission.
  • Then again click on the install button and Mini Militia with the mod will be installed in your device.
  • Open the game and enjoy the real Mod of Mini Militia Apk.

🙅🏻‍♂️Final Words

Thank all the visitors who have read our Mini Militia Mod APK and Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia. We hope that this will help you a lot in the Mini Militia Game. You can use any hack if you want to use it without any doubt. It would be wonderful if you let us know your feedback.

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