pokecord hack

How to Use Pokecord Hack? Cheat Commands, Servers, Pokemon List

🌟Pokecord Introduction 

Pokecord is a discord bot game. This game launched on 22nd November 2017 globally. This discord bot used some commands that helpful for a player to communicate with your partner during battle. In this article, including all information about How to Use Pokecord Hack? Cheat Commands, Server, Pokemon List and everything about pokecord. This discord bot is a unique program.

pokecord hack
pokecord hack

🌟Pokecord Exchange

This is the exchange bot helpful for players to use the pokecord tool’s website. This exchange bot command very fast and enhance trading, market functions, and more.

🌟Pokecord Auto Catcher or Pokecord Vote

Pokecord auto catcher or spamming bot used special commands to catch pokemon during battle. Auto catcher command used for catching. This is a self bot pokecord that can be used in all servers.

🌟Pokecord Auto Catcher Bot

Pokecord pokemon game is a discord game .pokecord bot used different commands to play Pokemon, catching Pokemon, and fight with other Pokemon during the battle in duel or online. Same as auto catcher pokemon bot is a unique catching bot used to catch Pokemon during the fighting. Just used catching command used to catch Pokemon .this bot works on maximum all servers.

🌟Dank Memer or Dank Memer bot

Dank memer basically includes memes of pokemon having full of fun and unique experience. you can get memes from your friends or in duel battle by sending a challenge to your friend. used 260+ commands and able to get hot memes that roast your friends. Therefore this is the fastest-growing server bot all around.

🌟Dank Memer Bot

In pokecord pokemon game having numerous commands with a lot of specializing that helpful to generate numerous memes by using commands. Dank memer bot includes 100+ commands to generate your own memes.

🌟Bird Pokemon

Bird Pokemon are also known as legendary Pokemon having some special skills such as have no effect from Rototiller and all entry hazards. flying-type pokemon having also some other skills is that cant absorb toxic spikes. Such immunities can be removed when bird Pokemon is grounded by ingrain, smackdown or a thousand arrows. Otherwise flying type Pokemon have greater speeds from other pokemon.

🌟Legendary Birds Pokemon

Pokemon that appear in the Kanto region called legendary birds pokemon. Numerous legendary Pokemon available in the Kanto region, and some of them are Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Lugia is the master of legendary Pokemon also known as trio master of Pokemon also include in the Kanto region.

🌟Pokecord Server

Basically pokecord is a type of discord bot and discord bot depends upon pokecord server. pokecord server includes some special commands. By using discord bot you can enjoy this game by bringing Pokemon to your discord server. pokecord server is very important in this game and if you don’t know about the server, then you face trouble during battle. you can also add discord bots server on it and make favorite bots on it. Used server pokecord bot by clicking on the links.

🙅🏽‍♂️How To Use Pokecord?

How To Use Pokecord?

🌟Pokecord Discord Server

Very necessary to know about pokecord commands. This is the first priority before using pokecord bot or hack. Because some special commands change with the server, but almost all commands remain the same on all servers. So if you know commands and their usage on all servers, so you can easily learn about pokecord hack bot server. This is the first condition to learn pokecord hack bot to become familiar with pokecord commands.

To learn about pokecord hack bot ,see first “p!” that show in front of your screen, because some server not accepted some commands and changed this term to something else. This is necessary to know, Because pokecord server default uses itself.

Pokemon correct number also used to learn about pokecord hack bot, used command. Rather this command also used to show the exact pokemon number available on your Pokemon list.

🌟Pokecord Hack

The Pokecord hack or bot that helps to make pokecord game easy to play for players. Pokecord bot hacks also including special commands such as a server, bot command which helps to catch any Pokemon during the game and give a wonderful enjoyment during battle.

Pokecord hack bot is usually used to give information about this game how to play and used command during battle. Pokecatcher command used to catch Pokemon and same as others commands or pockecord bot used to buy Pokemon from pokemart.so these are some special command used in pokecord hacks. keep enjoying.

🙅🏽‍♂️Pokecord Pokemon name List

Lots of Pokemon exists in pokecord game. Some pokemon are precious from others such as wild Pokemon buy lots of credits. Wild pokemon having extra wonderful powerful against others pokemons.

🌟Pokemon Names

Differents types of pokemons in Pokecord Game.some of special type Pokemon are

⭐️Flying-type Pokemon

  • Tornadus  (Incarnate Forme)
  • Tornadus (Therian Forme)
  • Rookidee

⭐️Half Flying-type Pokemon

  • Noibat
  • Noivern
  • Cramorant

⭐️Secondary Flying-type Pokemon

  • Charizard
  • Mega (Charizard Y)
  • Butterfree
  • Pidgey
  • Pidgeotto

⭐️Pokemon names in Japanese

  • Yveltal
  • Rowlet
  • Dartrix
  • Pikipek

⭐️Pokemon names and Pictures

  • Trumbeak
  • Toucannon
  • Minior
  • Celesteela

⭐️Wild Pokemon name and pictures

  • Salamence
  • Rayquaza
  • Mega (Rayquaza)
  • Altaria

⭐️Pokemon name Generator

  • Koatone
  • Hyesion
  • Dracyss
  • Bisithe
  • Doomking
  • Fluroach
  • Golderpillar

🌟List of Legendary Pokemon – Pokemon Names legendary

List of Legendary Pokemon
List of Legendary Pokemon

⭐️Legendary Birds or Pokemon go

  •  Articuno
  •  Zapdos
  •  Moltres

⭐️Legendary Pokemon Titans names

  • Regirock
  • Regice
  • Registeel

⭐️Legendary Beasts

  •  Raikou
  •  Entei
  •  Suicune

🌟Pokecord spawn bot

Pokecord specially designed a bot that used to collect Pokemon during the battle, selecting or deselecting pokemon on trade. Discord bot used to Show the image of Pokemon, but the name of Pokemon is not. Pokecrot bot also used to spawn pokemon also.

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🌟PokeBall Self-bot

Poke ball self bot command specially designed to catch spawn pokemon during battle. By all mean this command having more others function just like used to automate trade, realizing ID, etc. Otherwise, the command bot also extends features for better control.


  • p!catch <Pokemon Name> | command used to find the correct name and to catch Pokemon, if any wild Pokemon spawns in battle
  • p!hint | command helps to give hint about spawned pokemon 
  • p!select <Pokemon Number> | Selecting command used to receive  XP from chatting 
  • p!select latest | Selecting command used to redeemed Pokemon
  • p!info | command used to give information about your Selected Pokemon
  • p!info latest | command used to shows information about latest Pokemon you’ve caught
  • p!info <Pokemon Name> | command used to show the name of Pokemon 
  • p!info shiny <Pokemon Name> | command used to show shiny version of a Pokemon 
  • p!info <Pokemon Number> |command used to show pokemon number p!pokemon |special command used to show an overall list of your pokemon information, just like Pokemon level, nickname and number  
  • p!pokemon –name <Pokemon Name> | same command used to show a pokemon list with a particular name
  • p!pokemon –shiny |command to display  shiny Pokemon
  • p!pokedex | command to show Pokedex
  • p!pokedex –unowned | command used for collect Pokemon if necessary p!nickname <nickname> |command used to give a name or you have any nickname of your selected pokemon 
  • p!dropitem | command used to drops items from pokemon 
  • p!release <Pokemon Number> | command used to release pokemon

🌟Pokecord Server Commands

  • p!prefix <prefix> | server command used to change or set server prefix. If you want to change”p!” before every command, you can change it 
  • p!redirect <Channel Name> | server command used to spawn pokemon into a certain channel 
  • p!redirect disable | server command used to create spawn in all channels p!channel enable/disable |command used to  Enables or disables 
  • p!level-up enable/disable | server command to  level up alerts

🌟Pokecord Bot Commands

  • p!botinfo | command to shows bot information
  • p!invite | command used to invite bot different links 
  • p!donate | link command used to support bot 
  • p!Patreon |link command used for  bot’s Patreon page
  • p!server | invitation command for bot’s official server
  • p!appeal |command used to unbanned from the server, if you banned without a reason

🌟Trading Commands

  • p!trade @User | command used to Begins a trade with someone. 
  • p!accept |  command to accept for trade 
  • p!deny | command to reject trade from other
  • p!p add <Pokemon numbers, separated by spaces> | Adding command to add one or multiple Pokemon to your trade offer  
  • p!p remove <Pokemon numbers, separated by spaces> | special command to remove pokemon from your trade offer 
  • p! add <Amount> | adding command used to add credit to your trade offer 
  • p!c remove <Amount> | command used to remove credits from your trade p!confirm | confirmation command used to confirm trade for both users 
  • p!cancel |command used to cancel the trade

🌟Shop Commands

  • p!shop | shop command used to buy XP boosters, credits, pokemon and other necessary items used during games such as Rare Stones, Evolution Items, Nature Modifiers, and more 
  • p!buy <Item ID> | command used to buy from a shop

🌟Order Options

  • –order id ascending/descending | command to show order results by Pokemon ID
  • –The order level ascending/descending | command to show order results by Pokemon level
  • –order price ascending/descending | command to show order results by price
  • –order name ascending/descending |command to show order results by name.

🌟Market Commands

Special command used to buy pokemon.By using this command you can get some credits on every new pokemon.

  • p!bal | command tells about your remaining credits
  • p!market search <Page number> | command used to show page number of the market 
  • p!market search <Page number> <Search Options> <Order Option> | command specially used to search the market and find the best Pokemon for your game battle
  • p!market view <Pokemon ID> | command used to show your pokemon complete details on market 
  • p!market info <Pokemon ID> | command used to alternate overall view of market
  • p!market list <Pokemon Number> <Price> | command to show the price of your pokemon on market 
  • p!market buy <Pokemon ID> | command used to buy Pokemon from market p!market listings <Page number> | Display the Pokemon you have listed on the market.

🌟Dueling Commands

Dueling command is a challenging command between you and your friends. So if you want to battle your friends, used dueling command from the game and also you can get credits by defeating your friend.

  • p!select <Pokemon Number> | Pokemon you want to set in battle 
  • p!moves | command used to move pokemon 
  • p!learn <Move> |command used to move and replacing during the game at your own willing 
  • p!replace <Number> | command used to replace your turn or move that you are trying to learn
  • p!duel <@Username> |command send a challenge to discord user to a duel p!accept | Accepting command used to accept the challenge from the duel  
  • p!use <Move Number> | command used to move selected pokemon that listed in-game

🌟Favorite List Commands

  • p! fav |  special command to show the list of your best pokemon
  • p!add fav <Pokemon Number> | this command used to add Pokemon in your favorite list 
  • p!remove fav <Pokemon Number> | if you want to remove any Pokemon from your favorite list

🌟Challenge Commands

The command for challenges change with an update and use for a new addition to the game. If the player completes all challenges gain easily with reward in form credits.

  • P!challenges | are such current challenges that show and specially available for you.

🌟Some Useful Poke Bot Discord Commands are

  • NPC battle [] – special command used to perform different experiments in your battle or command used in duel battle with your friend.
  • Poker info [user] – this command specially used to gain information about others pokemon or also your Pokemon during the battle. check pokemon remaining powers and skills.
  • Setpoke  [pokemon id] – special pokecord command used to change your main Pokemon to the others or in the right place as you wish to keep coins bank [] – trainers of this game inside can be checked by using this command. otherwise, this command shows the most favorable or richest trainers in the game.
  • Exchange [Currency abbreviation] [Amount]    – exchange command specially used to change poker bots currency into discord bot. Otherwise this command also used to change your currency into your desirable currency too.
  • Give coins – this command used in pokecord game to change your pokecoins into any trade in the game.
  • Mart [buy or sell] [item] [amount] – command used to buy different necessary items of this battle game such as Pokeball, poker stones, and many other things easily bought from pokemart.
  • Release [pokemon id]    –releasing pokemon command used to release your main Pokemon by giving pokecoins in the game. 

🌟Commands for Pokecord

  • Weekly []- command specially used to gain your weekly prize from and also invest their money or pokecoins to get pokeballs and more things.
  • Guide [] – for complete guidance, this special command used and helpful for all players by guiding any information about the bot and how to play this game.
  • Help  [command] – command used to help by giving all the information about this game.
  • invite [] – sending invitation challenge to your friend, this command specially used for a duel battle between you and your friend.
  • Partner [] – this command specially used to get information about your partner in this game.
  • Ping [] –ping command very special command of this game, by using this command you can hide your Pokemon in this game during battle. 
  • Explore [pokeball] –exploring command used to catch Pokemon others in the game. 
  • Main poke [user] – special command used to check other main Pokemon or your main Pokemon during the battle.
  • Nickname [nickname]     –you can change your pokemon name into any nickname by using this command.

💁🏿‍♂️FAQ’s Section

  1. How to Catch Pokemon?

    The server that used to run a bot or command having a specific room in which Pokemon will be spawned. Once you used the server command and find any spawns pokemon, so follow instructions immediately and used catch command to catch wild pokemon. After catching spawns pokemon you need to give any nickname to it. Otherwise if wild Pokemon then you must need to know about Pokemon name by the image that is shown.

  2. How to Get Pokemon to Spawn?

    Pokemon spawn depends upon server. If you used the small server so Pokemon don't spawn. pokemon spawn also based on those people who send a message in the server

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