Which Famous Movie Filmmaker George Lucas dog Inspired the Character’s Name?

Dog, Man’s Best Friend

As we know that a best friend is not only a friend, he’s just like our family member who is always loyal to you and supports you in every field of life. A best friend is one who cares about you and helps you in every difficult moment. He loves and treats you like a brother and is always standing right beside you, so you don’t feel lonely. Just like that, a dog is a man’s best friend who always stands beside him to protect him and help him out in difficult situations. If you treat a dog with affection and devotion, he’ll protect you from enemies even he will be ready to die for you, but it is only possible when you are kind to him. 

Star Wars Character Chewbacca

There are many characters in different sci-fiction movies that make them from the inspiration of other real-life characters. Most writers got provocation from various things like their mind is based on imagination. Writers can pick up an entire story from a small event that happens for a few minutes in front of them. Chewbacca, a character in the Star Wars movie that is sci-fiction, was also an imagined character inspired by a dog. The writer of that story got inspiration from his dog and make that character. The essence of Chewbacca is a combination of an ape, a cat, and a dog, but the main one was a dog on which the main character is based.

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How He Got Inspiration?

According to George Lucas, he had a dog of Alaskan Malamute breed that was too much friendly to him. A Malamute breed dog is around 130 pounds in weight and is more significant than a human being. He loves him too much and always stays with him. He said that when he was writing that story, his dog always sits next to him. That dog was his companion for him; he goes with him wherever he moves. It was just like a best friend who’s not going to leave him at any cost. That dog sits in the car’s front seat when he goes out; this affection leads to bringing a unique and rare character in Georges’ mind and guides to make a new character in the Star Wars movie that’s name was Chewbacca.

It is said that Chewbacca’s name is derived from the Russian language word sobaka means dog, and the writer named it when by seeing his dog sitting in the front seat of his car.

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What Was his Role?

In Star Wars, Chewbacca’s role was to serve as a co-pilot in solo’s spaceship and fight against Galactic Empire with the Rebel Alliance’s help to Restore the freedom of the galaxy and defeat the Galactic Empire. He fights head to head with his first mate Han Solo. Everyone loved Chewbacca’s character, and he was the apple of the eye. He was fighting for the prosperity of this galaxy and making this universe free from these upheavals.

Chewbacca Resemblance with Dog

Indiana, the name of that dog, was the main reason and thought for creating the character Chewbacca. On that basis, the physical look of that character also looks like a dog with long hair and many other features but later on, it was changed a little bit by adding a cat and an ape look in it. This character was not only a simple character that everyone loves; it was also an inspiration that motivates you to fight for your right and stick to it. This character also teaches us a lesson that always helps your friend and creates an unbreakable bond with your friend. 

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FAQs Section

In how many episodes Chewbacca was cast?

Chewbacca was a very famous and popular character in Star Wars Episode. He makes an appearance in 5 episodes out of 7 episodes; that means this character was cast for many episodes, so everyone adores it.

Which person performs Chewbacca’s role?

As this character was a little bit tall, it was difficult for the team to find someone that is tall and suits that character. But later, they find a man of 2.2m height who will perform that character. Peter Mayhew was chosen to portray that character as he was tall and was perfect for this.

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