why is my mic so quiet on discord

Why Is My Mic So Quiet On Discord?

Discord is an app programmed for free audio, video, and text chatting helping tens of millions of people above the age of 13 from all over the world to hanging out with their friends or groups. Users use discord for sharing everything with their loved ones including their projects and mental health support. The main question arises as Why is My Mic so Quiet on Discord?

In its text medium, users can send messages, share pictures and upload files that can be seen at any time by its users. In the audio or video chatting medium users can share their screens and talk with their friends using a mic. Discord supports many platforms such as Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, Web Browsers, and macOS. Overall works great but you might face difficulties in hearing your friend clearly because of low volume. People always have been curious about their quiet mike and wanted to ask that Why is My Mic so Quiet on Discord?

mic so quiet on discord
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Reasons Why is My Mic so Quiet on Discord?

There might be four reasons playing an important role behind the answer of Why is My Mic So Quiet on Discord? 

Audio Settings

The first reason that may be causing the quietness of your mic can be the incorrect audio settings of your device on which you are using discord. If you are using it on a PC like a device such as Windows or Mac. There are two different types of audio settings there. 

One audio setting is for the audio of the device and the second one is for distinct applications like Discord. So if you are facing difficulty in hearing your friend’s voice and are unable to hear them properly then you have to adjust these audio settings.

How To Do audio setting adjustments?

Discord has its own audio settings that can be maximized the audio up to 200%. This is the first thing you have to adjust which will probably solve your issue. But if the issue is not resolved and you are still curious about why is my mic so quiet on discord windows 10? Then your PC set’s master audio control is not at its highest. And is making your output device the reason for the hindrance between you and audio.

You have to make sure that it will be at its maximum volume. And also you must check your default output device to ensure that you are making changes in the right output device. 

Audio Drivers

Audio drivers can also be the reason causing the problem of low volume. You have to fix this issue in order to hear your friend’s clear voice, over discord. 

Regarding this, you have to check that the audio driver you are using is whether hardware compatible or not. Other than compatibility another reason for unclear voice might be your outdated audio driver. It’s the common cause of quiet voice as many people are facing it. 

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How to Fix Issues of the Audio Driver?

To solve this issue, you have to install the updated version of discord on your PC and a compatible driver. Once you’re done with these you can restart your PC and your issues will be resolved.

App Problems

App problem is also one of the reasons in making your friends voice too quit and difficult to hear. It is usually caused by some kind of bug causing damages to your app or outdated version of the app in your device.

How to Increase Mic Volume on Discord Mobile, PCs?

You can resolve the issue of bug and outdated version by uninstalling your app from the devices you are using such as android, iOS, or windows, and then re-install its updated version which will solve your both problems. You will be able to hear your friend’s clear voice again. 

Problems at Their End

It’s not necessary that the problem must be from your side It can also be caused by from your friend’s side. That includes the possibility of not placement of mic correctly from their side. Some kind of issues in their hardware, their audio driver, or their application.

How to Fix the Problem at Their End?

You can’t fix this issue from your side and you have to make them fixed this issue from their side. First of all, you have to confirm that the problem is occurring from their end so you can communicate with them and help them resolve it. You can confirm it by checking that whether the issue of the quietness of the mic is only occurring when you talk to them or the same is the case with others too. If this is the only case with your friend. Then there must be some problem at their side and they have to fix it.

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  1. Why is My Mic so Quiet on Discord?, but not on anything else?

    It may be because of an outdated version of the app you can fix it by reinstalling your app. 

  2. How to increase the volume of the mic?

    If this problem is occurring, you have to check your audio settings of discord and make sure to increase it up to maximized volume.

  3. Why is discord on mobile not picking up the sound from phone or headphones?

    You need to scroll down and select 'Force calls to use OpenSL ES' in the voice and video settings.


These are the reasons for people’s curiosity which is Why is My Mic so Quiet on Discord? you can resolve the issue of the quietness of your mic by recognizing its main cause and then solving it. If it’s not from your side and causing from your friend’s side. Then you should ask your friend to resolve the issue. That’s how you will be able to hear your friends clearly on discord.

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